Dot Org

A collective.
An aerial photo of Uptown Charlotte.
Photo by Clay Banks / Unsplash

Dot Org presently has fewer than 50 members, which means if you connect today you'll be a Founding Member. I'll match your contribution every month and send you a token of gratitude in the mail.

This is the most experimental experiment of The Dot Experiment. It is a burgeoning collective focused on bringing together like-minded individuals to socialize and exchange ideas.

Here's how it works:

1. You pledge your support.

Membership in Dot Org is achieved by supporting The Dot Experiment for $7.04/month.

Not to exclude anyone, if you feel as though you can't reasonably afford the cost of membership, you are more than welcome to join for free (no questions asked). Additionally, students are strongly encouraged not to pay (save your money for textbooks and study snacks). If you fall into either of these groups and would like to participate, connect with me.

2. You'll be granted access to private Dot Org Discord channels and the Dot Org Mastodon instance.

Here you'll be able to connect with other Dot Org members in an online setting.

Not on Discord nor Mastodon? That's fine, highlights will still come through email, it'll just be more difficult to share your thoughts and ideas with the community outside of in-person events.

3. You'll become part of a more connected city.

This is where it gets fun.

Volunteer: We periodically get together to do right by the Charlotte community with a rotating collection of scheduled volunteer activities. In the near future, we'll partner with local organizations and nonprofits so that any Dot Org member can volunteer on their own schedule.

Socialize: There is no shortage of meetups and get-togethers, both formal and casual, in all corners of the city. There are countless social clubs you could join in this city, Dot Org strives to be the finest.

Flourish: The ultimate goal of Dot Org is to connect with, promote, and empower the individuals and organizations that are making Charlotte a great place to live.


⅔ of contributions will be earmarked for events, volunteer activities, membership gifts, and marketing.

⅓ of contributions will go toward running this experiment.

↉ of Dot Org contributions will go to me, forever.

Dot Org financial statements will be made public at the end of each calendar year in order to foster transparency. Dot Org is not a nonprofit and all income earned is taxed. Contributions are not tax deductible.

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